Pred-premiera dokumentarca GALIBOR – pripovedovati o Sloveniji

Center alternativne in avtonomne produkcije – CAAP vas v sredo, 20. 3. 2013, ob 18.00 v sklopu sredinih družabnih večerov »Malo mešano na sredo« prisrčno vabi na PRED-PREMIERNO projekcijo dokumentarnega filma Tamare Erde:


(Documentary, 45’, Slovenia, 2012)

Sreda, 20. 3. 2013, ob 18.00
CAAP, Valvasorjeva 42, Maribor

Po projekciji bo o nastajanju in ozadju filma spregovoril Borut Wenzel, koordinator rezidenčnega programa za tuje umetnike GuestRoomMaribor v okviru katerega je film nastal.

Film je v angleškem jeziku s slovenskimi podnapisi.

About the film:
“Galibor” is a voyage into the current political “milieu” in Slovenia.
In the midst of the political changes and riots, the economic crisis and the cultural and social changes following Slovene independence and the participation in the EU, the film meets several different characters and through this encounters portrays the way these changes are interpreted and experienced.
The characters, each from a different background, age and experience, are exposing their disappointments, their dreams, and their struggles. Their feelings and thoughts, that are on the one hand very specific to the time and place, are on the other hand very familiar, the echo to the global current situation of the western citizens in many other countries.
Amongst the main characters are Jaka, a seven years old child who was born to independent Slovenia and dreams of being a secret agent to serve it, Goran, the singer and founder of the veteran rock&roll band “Demolition group”, Tihomila, an ex-partisan in the Second World War and an activist in the current demonstrations calling for revolution, Franc Kangler, the former mayor of the city of Maribor who is criticized by the inhabitants of committing corruptions and was bound to a massive and exceptional objection from the public, Rafo Pinosa, a priest who is celebrating his freedom of speech and expression after the restricting communism and others.

The film was directed by Tamara Erde and produced by Pekarna-magdalenske mreže and its “GuestRoomMaribor” artist-in-residency project (part of Maribor 2012 – European Capital of Culture programme).

About the director:
Tamara Erde is a film director and performance artist, living and working in Paris.
Tamara was born in Tel-Aviv on 1982, received a B.A in Art Direction and video from Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, and an M.A in cinema and New Media in Le Fresnoy, France. Tamara creates in various mediums- documentary and fiction films, performances and video installations, and has produced in Paris and around Europe.
Her work was presented both in many film festivals (Clermont Ferrand, Angelica Spring festival NY, Jerusalem int. Film festival and on) as well as in Gallery spaces and theatrical venues (Montpellier dance festival, The playhouse theatre in Nottingham, The fringe festival in Stockholm etc) .
In addition, Tamara frequently participates in residency programs and international artists projects, in: New-York, Denmark, England, Spain, south Korea and elswhere.
In her work, Tamara often deals with political and social issues, focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Her works mix her personal and imaginary reflections with a documentary approach, accompanied by profound researches on selected themes, both in visual media and in physical theatrical one.



Volkmerjev prehod 4
2000 Maribor
M: 040376202

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