ZDLT Workshop #2

Learning by jumping in and swimming! The 2nd Za-nič kišta workshop with refugees (March 13, 2012)

This workshop was the “geekiest” of them all! We learned three ways of installing programs on Ubuntu.

  1. From the Ubuntu Software Centre

This is the easiest way to install software on computers. We tried to download Audacity, a music program we will use later on in our workshops to create our own music, or just to mix our favourite songs. We did it in about 15 minutes and everything worked just fine. But, then things started to get complicated.

  1. From .deb files

Participants learned how to find software on internet (we tried Skype), download the program, and open it with the Ubuntu Software Centre. Once you try it you can see that it is simple and easy. We had some problems with the internet thought… but, in the end, Skype was there, ready to be used! Then came the really geeky stuff.

  1. Installing with the terminal

Oh so geeky, but another “turning point” in our workshops. If the 1st workshop was about demystifying hardware, this one was about demystifying software. The desktop is just an interface, while everything runs in a terminal. By showing this reality behind the “veil of Maya” the participants learned some basic commands in the terminal and were shown the plain reality of computer software. We checked the name of our laptops and created a folder on the desktop the geeky way. By trying to use some simple commands behind the interface, participants saw the inner workings or the “guts” of the software on their future laptops.

We concluded the workshop with a short introduction on anonymity on the internet. We will stress this issue in the following workshops, since the participants were intrigued by the different options available to maintain anonymity and be safe online.

4 Advanced Ubuntu Guide


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